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Welcome to Wincanton - information contained in Welcome Pack which will help you settle more comfortably into your new home and the town.

Community Links

The Wincanton Window - Wincanton's web magazine:

The Discworld Emporium - 41 High Street - 01963 824686:

Wincanton Sports Ground - Moor Lane - 01963 31815:

Wincanton Sports Centre - West Hill - 01963 824400:

The Balsam Centre (Healthy Living Centre) - 01963 31842:

Somerset Information

South Somerset website:, free brochures, trails and maps to download here

Camelot Country:

Somerset website:

Somerset Routes:

East Somerset - Relocate: Let your Business Grow - Looking to grow, invest in your business' future and improve your quality of life? Then East Somerset is the place to do it -


Other Information

Counselling Directory - UK 

Fostering in Somerset:

Life Coach: