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Working with the community

WPP Community Consultation

Community Event March 2006

The second Community Consultation Event took place on Wednesday 1st March 2006. It was well attended by around 90 people and the evening was judged a success. The raw data obtained from the event was used to compile a preliminary wish list and this was tested on 100 people attending the Farmer's Market which was held on Friday 3rd March 2006. Further work needs to be carried out with the young, business people and working families.

Community Event June 2005

The Community Consultation Event which took place on Friday 24th June and Saturday 25th June 2005 at the Memorial Hall, attracted 214 visitors. There were over 700 comments/views from members of the public - these will be taken on board and the feedback will help to finalise an Action Plan, based on widespread community support. This event was well received by those who attended.