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Working with the community

Policies, Procedures and Publications

Absence Management Policy

Capability Procedure - 2020

Casual Vacancy Policy

Cemetery Regulations 2022

Code of Conduct - adopted 23rd September 2019

Community Engagement Policy - 2020

Compliments, Complaints and Comments Policy - 2020

Disciplinary Procedure - 2020

Financial Regulations - 2020

Financial Risk Assessment 2022

Freedom of Information Policy 2022

General Duties of Representatives Appointed to Outside Bodies

Grants Policy

Grievance Policy and Procedure - 2020

Health and Safety Policy

Model Publication Scheme 2022

Persistent and Vexatious Complaints and Correspondence Policy

Policy for Lone Working

Policy on audio/visual recording and photography at Council meetings

Pre-Election Policy 2022

Press & Media Policy 2022

Reserves Policy 2021

Social Media Policy

Standing Orders - 2021

The Nolan Principles

Town Charter

Website Accessability Statement

Wincanton Town Council Document Retension Schedule

Wincanton Town Council Meeting Guidance

Cemetery Administration Forms:

Committees - Terms of Reference:

Finance and General Purposes Committee

Open Spaces Committee

Personnel Committee

Planning Committee

Stakeholder Group


Freedom of Information

Model Publication Scheme Version 1.2 2015

Wincanton Town Council - Information available under the Model Publication Scheme

Freedom of Information Policy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Data Protection Policy

General Privacy Notice

Consent Form

Wincanton For the Future - Supporting Documentation


Wincanton for the Future - Good Stuff Fund Application  - .pdf version

Wincanton for the Future - Good Stuff Fund Application  - word version