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Working with the community

Progress so far

This page details the work undertaken to date on the Neighbourhood Plan.

The designated NP area is the parish of Wincanton. View area map & designation documents

After much effort by District Councillor (and then Town Councillor) Colin Winder, the area was designated in March 2014. A Steering Group was formed in late 2014 with representatives of the Town Council, residents groups, Town Team, business representatives and with support from the District Council. It will report to the full Council each month.

A survey of businesses was completed in March 2015, and the results are available below, under 'Downloads'.

The Steering Group members reviewed previous consultations and important strategies (including the Wincanton People's Plan, Local Plan consultations and Wincanton Transport Plan) to produce a list of Key Issues.

The first community consultation - the Have Your Say event - took place on Wednesday June 24th 2015 at the Memorial Hall. We had a good turnout, with over 150 people participating, providing over 1500 comments. We asked them to check the Key Issues for the town, add any other issues and talk to us about possible solutions. We also had some offers of help.

This document shows the total number of responses - they are listed in the same order that the issues boards were at the June 24th event; June 24th results The comments that were made are here; feedback forms and post-its.  

These then formed our initial Objectives - view these here.

After a review of what our core aims were, plus how feasible some of the objectives were in relation to Neighbourhood Planning, we produced a revised Objectives - view these here.

Finally, to show how all the priorities identified can be addressed, we produced this list, which Councillors and organisations in the town can use for reference.

As part of gathering evidence, we conducted a Placecheck - a series of guided visits to different areas of the town - in February 2016. The report is available below.

Over the summer of 2016 we drafted Policies to address the key issues, with the required supporting evidence. We shared our Policy Outlines with SSDC Spatial Planning - an additional opportunity we gave for them to comment - before making some changes to policy wording.

The Pre-Submission Draft Plan consultation ran from Nov 2nd to Dec 21st 2016. This was an opportunity for local people, businesses, landowners and other stakeholders to comment on our Draft Plan.

Following this a revised version was submitted to SSDC for the remaining stages of the process - Examination and Referendum.

The independent Examiner, Jill Kingaby, found the Plan to be sound and commended it's clarity. She recommended some minor modifications, mostly regarding the classification of the green spaces. These have been incorporated into the Final version that will now go to the Referendum.

If we secure a Yes vote (i.e. more than 50% of those voting) the Plan will be Made.


NP Steering Group Terms of Reference

WTC Transport Plan

Business Survey Results

Direction of Wincanton Neighbourhood Plan

Revised Objectives

Wincanton's Objectives (NP and other)

Placecheck Report

Draft Wincanton Neighbourhood Plan