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Working with the community

Submission Documents

The Wincanton Neighbourhood Plan has been agreed by the Town Council and was submitted to South Somerset District Council on 27th April 2017. You can view the Submission documents below.

Following submission, the plan will be passed to an inspector for examination. Once finalised, we will all have the chance to vote on the plan in a referendum. If there is a majority vote in favour at the referendum, the plan will become part of the Development Plan for the area, which means it will sit alongside the Local Plan and all proposals for development will have to conform to it.

Although the Plan does not become a statutory document until approved at referendum, from this point on, all planning applications  will be reviewed by the Town Council in the context of the plan, and comments submitted to SSDC by the Town Council will reference the policies in the Plan.

Plan and Map of Plan Area

1. Wincanton Neighbourhood Plan (Submission Draft) (April 2017)

2. Neighbourhood Area Map

Also supplied:

3. Wincanton Neighbourhood Plan (Pre-Submission Draft) (November 2016)

Consultation Statement

4. Wincanton Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Report (April 2017)

Basic Conditions

5. Basic Conditions Statement (April 2017)

SEA Screening

6. Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report (April 2016)

7. Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report Addendum (February 2017)

Supporting evidence

8. Wincanton People’s Plan 2006-2028 (2007)

9. Wincanton Community Plan update (2012)

10. Wincanton Local Transport Plan (2013)

11. Placecheck Report (March 2016)

12. Housing Review Analysis (2017)

13. Employment Review Analysis (2017)

14. Peripheral landscape study – Wincanton (2008)

15. Wincanton Conservation Area Appraisal (2010)

16. South Somerset Local Plan (2015)

17. South Somerset Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (2013)

18. South Somerset Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (2017)

19. Somerset District Council Five-year Housing Land Supply 2016 – 2021 (2016)

20. South Somerset District Council Authority Monitoring Report (2016)